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An effective health advocate can help you and your family in several ways. At Health Care Personal Advocate in Philadelphia, PA, we strive to act as a relationship coordinator between you, your insurance provider and your doctor. Below is a brief summary of the various roles and responsibilities of an advocate:

The advocate is a resource for both patient and physician in support of optimal delivery of care. The advocate is generally knowledgeable in health care practices and compliance. The advocate can be present for health care appointments and notify the healthcare provider of patient compliance issues. The advocate communicates with the patient to help ensure the patient understands the treatment plan.

The advocate can research and provide medical literature to the patient, family or health care provide as requested. The advocate can help manage billing and accounting tasks. The advocate can help resolve home care and coordination-of-services issues. The advocate can take a proactive role in resolving employer issues that arise over recovery-time absence

The advocate can monitor and address issues of non-compliance, whether from the patient, provider, employer or other entity. The advocate maintains patient privacy according to local and national laws, treating all patient and family information confidentially. The advocate stays current with changes in legislation that could impact the patient care or patient rights. The advocate can, at the patient’s request, intervene on behalf of the patient with any third-party failing to meet expectation and obligation.