Making a Difference in Health Care


At Health Care Personal Advocate in Philadelphia, PA, our mission is to help you better understand your health care benefits. We work with individuals to teach them how to capitalize on their benefits, ensuring they are respected and honored by their insurance companies, hospitals and service providers.

We were created out of a need for people demanding additional help with their medical bills. These individuals needed help understanding deductibles, co-pays, coinsurance and explanation of benefits. We began providing this service, while also assisting with scheduling of appointments and answering general health care questions.

Our job is to ensure that your health care experience is completely transparent. Whether it is answering major or less serious questions, finding a physician, clearing up insurance issues, selecting a nursing facility, explaining prescription and/or dental plans, responding to inquiries on coverage, mitigating financial challenges or whatever else your concerns may be, we are here to make your health care experience great!