Knowing When You Need Assistance

Managing your health care experience can be daunting when you’re alone, sick, injured and unsure. Things like finding the right physician, scheduling an appointment, filling prescriptions, getting second opinions, understanding doctor’s orders and dealing with insurance companies take time and can be very difficult. Our professionals at Health Care Personal Advocate in Philadelphia, PA, are here to make your health care experience easier.

Please look at the statements and questions below. If you find yourself responding in a positive manner, there’s a good chance you can benefit from our assistance.

Do You Often Wonder and Ask Yourself or Others:

  • Could my doctor do a better job of answering my questions?
  • Could I do a better job of asking the questions?
  • How can my doctors form their diagnoses in such a minute time frame?
  • Why isn’t my doctor discussing the reasons for ordering tests and providing me with the results?
  • Do I want someone to help me understand all of the paperwork?
  • Do I understand my insurance policy and associated benefits?
  • Do I feel overwhelmed by all the decisions I have to make?
  • Do I have trouble physically managing everything on my own?
  • Do I sometimes forget all of the things I have to do relating to my health?
  • Could I use more support?

We’re ready to help. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.